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What we do.


Being heard in a noisy, complex world separates the successful campaigns from those that end in second place.  We take the time to understand the issues that our clients face in making sure that their messages are heard. 

Innovation is a critical component of the work we do for our clients.  In a world of rapidly changing political and economic environments, messaging must be timely, on target and embraceable by those we hope will join and act on our client’s behalf.

We are keenly aware that a well financed effort is critical to reaching and influencing our client’s target audiences.  Whether the effort is to build a PAC of significant size, or to reach sufficient voters to push an issue through a state legislature or Congress, we bring our fundraising talents to the table to ensure adequate resources.

That said, “what we do” falls into the broad category of Public Affairs.  Here are some examples of our current skills and offerings:

Community Relations — We build coalitions, inform targeted audiences and diffuse public outcry when public projects disrupt normal life.  Out clients include municipalities and state governments, hospitals, educational institutions and public utilities.

Nonprofit Consulting — Our consulting team provides in-depth assistance to membership based organizations with emphasis on strategic planning, fundraising and direct communications.

New Media Consulting — Our creative team will work to integrate Blog sites, streaming media, social networking, podcasts and cellular messaging strategies to advance issues and campaign information.

Creative Services and Direct Marketing — Our marketing team will plan and prepare a complete communications campaign incorporating direct mail, television, radio, email marketing and collateral campaigns that reach targeted audiences on time and on budget.